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Our Story

At Beyond6 we believe all individuals, businesses, and organizations have the power to create a lower carbon intensity and healthier world. We are strategic carbon reduction specialists that work with clients across the country to help them realize their most lower carbon future, and do so in a way that delivers value to the bottom line.


Lower carbon operations and transition to a smarter, more lower carbon future.


Redefine the relationship between energy consumption and commerce.

Beyond6 was formed by energy industry veterans that recognized that companies and organizations don’t need vendors pushing individual technologies, but instead need a partner that can deliver a holistic turnkey solution that is tailored to their needs. And this goes beyond energy choices and the energy efficiency of built assets: Beyond6 is unique in its ability to not only address those important needs, but also to assist clients to lower carbon their supply chain, logistics operations, and other transportation related aspects of the business, particularly for the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle segments where very few reliable and economic solutions currently exist.

Beyond6 practices what it preaches. We are continually looking for ways to reduce the carbon intensity of our own operations including adoption of renewable energy, improving the energy efficiency of our facilities, and endeavoring to source and deliver 100% renewable fuel to our logistics customers. 

Beyond6 offers business consultation services including assessment, planning, and managing in the field of alternative energy solutions for reduction of our customer’s carbon footprint. These services highlight business planning and business management services for the development and operation of natural gas filling stations, renewable gas fueling stations, and electric vehicle charging stations; procurement services including energy procurement contracts and fuel purchase agreements; and retail and wholesale renewable energy provider services that allow customers to purchase renewable energy as part of a competitive retail and wholesale energy market.

Corporate Social Responsibly

Beyond6 is committed to doing business in a way that protects our environment, supports and serves the community, and promotes the protection of at-risk and vulnerable populations.

First and foremost Beyond6 seeks to protect and improve the environment we all rely on. Through its aggressive lower carbon approach, it looks to radically redefine lower carbon intensity solutions. During each endeavor, Beyond6 looks to contribute to human health and the preservation of the environment. Beyond6 strives to raise awareness that human health is largely affected by air quality. 

At Beyond6 the highest standards apply at every level. This means from employees, suppliers, and partners to the community Beyond6 seeks to protect and serve. Through loving efforts, Beyond6 looks to enable a community that values trust and awareness through social and environmentally conscious investments. 

Beyond6 continues to grow from its strong foundation that at the very core values human rights, community, honor, ethics, and the environment.

Our specialties
  • Alternative Fuels
    Infrastructure and supply for Renewable Natural Gas, and Hydrogen.
  • Lower Carbon Intensity EnergyDevelopment of on-site renewable generation, battery energy storage, procurement of off-site renewables, development of renewable natural gas production facilities.
  • Lower Carbon Intensity
  • Operational assessments, analysis of energy needs and vulnerability assessments, comprehensive energy and sustainability planning, and engineering and implementation support.
  • Logistics
    Procurement, leasing, and for-hire trucking services of the cleanest Class 8 tractors in existence.